Thursday, September 1, 2011

Boston Cream Pie Cake - Club:BAKED

So the Sunday Night Cake for Club:BAKED came and went and I completely missed it! I was too busy and distracted and it passed me by! I didn't even notice until a week later. Thanks to my lovely sister the Ginger Snap Girl I didn't miss this weeks recipe, Boston Cream Pie Cake!

So I have to be honest. The only Boston Cream Pie I have had before was out of a Yoplait container haha, but it just happens to be my favorite flavor! Well, I know this is a cake and not the real Boston Cream Pie, but I love it anyway! It was delicious!

Anyway, I have decided that from now on I am going to increase the photos and decrease the talking so here you go...

Right away I got the feeling that the cupcake idea wasn't going to work out so well....

 I had originally planned to fill the cupcakes with the cream and top them with the chocolate glaze but after seeing them I wasn't too sure how that would work out.

 New Plan! Mini Cakes!

 Pouring the glaze... I went a bit Glaze Crazy!

 I made all different sizes... 4 layer, 3 layer and sandwich size

 I know it's hard to tell but each layer has an inner cream center while the chocolate cream outer circle.

You can see the cream center a bit better once you get inside but I just could not get the white cream to photograph well against the white cake.

 I know they are messy and that they aren't the prettiest cakes in the world but they do taste good!

 I didn't want to give up on the cupcake idea completely so I made to following my original plan.

 And they came out better then I had thought they would.

 Once the wrapper was peeled away they started to look kind of cute but they left behind a VERY messy cupcake wrapper.

 There is the cream filling, once again there is the regular pastry cream in there as well you just can't see it yet.

 I had a lot of variations haha

Thank you Brooke for picking this wonderful recipe!
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  1. Those cupcakes are freaking adorable. For some reason I didn't love love the flavor of the cake or the texture, but loved the fillings. I think your ratio of cream to cake looks fabulous :)

  2. I love your mini layered cakes. They are so cute! With all that delicious glaze dripping over the sides. Good stuff.

    I also had a hard time photographing the vanilla pastry cream in the piece I cut out. It's like it disappeared!

    So glad you baked along this week. Now we know how to make sweet delicious pastry cream...Yummy.

  3. I LOVE your little mini cakes. They are so cute! I thought about trying cupcakes, but wasn't sure exactly how I would do it. I thought I would have to do something like you did with the mini cakes and then just opted to do the regular cake so I could try to make a 6-layer cake. I also see you used the Reynolds StayBrite liners. I am a big fan of those, but the last two times I used them the cupcakes are separating form the liners pretty quickly.

  4. Great job! I did the same thing.....kind of a pain, huh? But they turned out adorable!

  5. Thanks everyone!!!
    Lorraine, I completely agree about the liners separating. It was a good thing I didn't end up keeping them on because they were all coming off on there own, but I really like the way they look.
    Kristen, YES haha more then kind of! But I am happy with how they came out.

  6. Katie- these are so them! I had a bunch of extra custard from the cake (since I made an extra batch of the vanilla) and thought about doing something like this. In the end I didn't have the energy. These are just picture perfect. I envision these with tea at high noon. Really great idea and well executed.