Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bananas Foster Fritters

Bananas Foster Fritters, from Baked Explorations, was this weeks Club:BAKED recipe. I was pleasantly surprised, I expected this to be a BIG pain to make but besides opening my cupboard and realizing I was completely out of brown sugar (an having to make a quick run to the store), these were pretty easy and quick to make. Having fried the doughnuts not that long ago I was much more confident when it came to frying these puppies!

Here's how they came out! Over all the turned out pretty well.

 I am not the biggest fan of banana in any other form then a banana 
(except banana chocolate chip bread, yum!). So if I ever make these again I may try another fruit. I've been thinking apple pie filling would probably create some tasty apple fritters.

The dipping sauce was good too except when I went to pour the ingredients in I accidentally dumped WAY to much cinnamon in, luckily it came out better then I thought it would.

 Over all it was a good recipe and I am glad to be able to say I did it. Every recipe we do, I become just a little more confident in my baking abilities. Now I am off to go bake some Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes for the potluck at work today. Wish me luck, I will post about it later today.

To see how the everyone's Banana Foster Fritters came out check out Club:BAKED
Thank you Stephanie for this recipe! To see how her's turned out check out Ice Cream Before Dinner!


  1. They look awesome, Katie! Nice job as always, girlfriend. I like the way you applied the powder sugar-it's a good look- what did you do exactly?

  2. Oh! Thanks! I am surprised you said that because I thought it didn't look quite right so thank you very much! I am a bit embarrassed to say... I just grabbed a pinch of the powdered sugar and tossed it on top of each one haha

  3. Great color on your fritters Katie! Apple fritters sound delicious. Looking forward to seeing your Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes! YUM.

  4. Great work on your fritters! I agree that apple might be even better. Like Gloria, I'm looking forward to your Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes - those sound divine! Hope you took lots of pictures!

  5. I love cinnamon, so in my book, it's really hard to get too much :) Apples sound like they would go great here too!

  6. Um - OH MY GOODNESS WHAT A GOOD IDEA APPLE PIE FILLING FRITTERS SOUND! We may need to try that one, it sounds amazing. Thanks for baking along with me this week! I'm glad you liked them.

  7. Apple sounds delicious!! I was thinking maybe to try pumpkin as well. Your fritters look great!

  8. I sat this one out cuz i'm swamped, but based on your review and pictures, I'm definitely going to have to try this one! Love the apple idea, perfect for fall. Do you think pumpkin would be good. I'm sorta obsessed with pumpkin.