Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Extra Unhealthy Spinach Salad

This salad is no diet salad! I love it for the taste not for the calorie count.

It includes, but is not limited too, spinach, bacon, egg, cheese, tomato, and I would normally add avocado but I don't have any right now.

Today I made, for the first time, homemade ranch dressing, and I decided to use this for the salad although blue cheese dressing would work wonderfully instead.

I absolutely LOVE ranch dressing, in fact there are many things I refuse to eat unless I have ranch dressing! I thought it would be fun to make my own ranch today, although it left a bit to be desired for my taste. I didn't really enjoy this particular recipe because it produced an extremely thick dressing. I am one of the few people who prefers my ranch extra liquidy, for lack of a better word. I enjoy my ranch Claim Jumper or Red Robin style. But I know many people enjoy thick creamy ranch so I will share the recipe.

The ranch did have a nice flavor and would probably be quite tasty with chicken strips and would be perfect for dipping carrots and other veggies but it wasn't the best salad dressing. (I am just glad I don't pour dressing on top I normally dip... this dressing would have seriously weighed my salad down).

Anyway, I hard boiled eggs for the first time today as well as made baked my own flour tortilla chips so over all today was pretty successful in my food explorations. I knew starting this blog would encourage me to spend more time in the kitchen.  

Ingredients: 3 flour tortillas, olive oil, garlic salt Baked @ 400 for 6 minutes


For dessert I enjoyed one of my all time favorite chocolate bars, 

Trader Joe's "The Dark Chocolate Lovers Chocolate Bar"
It is VERY dark chocolate (85% Cacao) so this isn't a bar for milk chocolate lovers; in fact most dark chocolate lovers I know think its too dark but boy do I love it!

: )

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  1. Conquering homemade ranch dressing! Very cool. To make it a little looser you could replace some of the mayo or sour cream with plain yogurt or buttermilk. Your baked flour tortilla chips look yummy!